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Laser Thread Vein Removal - SKIIN®

ND Yag Laser for Thread Veins

Broken Thread Veins

Thread veins also know as spider veins are red or purple broken veins, capillaries and ‘blood spots’ that appear on the face and body.

Thread Veins Develop can as we age due to hormonal changes, lifestyle choices and medication. They are harmless however leave most people feeling conscious and can effect the appearance of overall skin condition. 

The 532 Laser beam is absorbed by the red blood cells within the thread veins which rapidly heat. The heat produced coagulates the proteins of the blood vessel walls either fusing them shut or sometimes vaporising them. Sometimes the blood vessels are not destroyed but are damaged and removed by the immune system over a period of weeks.

Laser treatment work best on facial thread veins and I cannot guarantee the success on leg thread veins due to diameter of the vessels and the blood pressure within the vessel walls, Legs thread veins may require multiple treatments to see a noticeable difference. 

FAQ's & Advice

No, the treatment tends to be comfortable with some clients sometimes experiencing the feeling of heat or a feeling of being flicked.

The skin in treatment area may be red which subsides in a couple of hours however the treated thread vein can become darker over the next couple of days as healing takes place. Other times the thread vein can just simply disappear immediately after treatment.

This depends on the size of the thread veins and how they respond to treatment some clients ned 1 treatment while others take between 3 and 6.

The treatment can be repeated every 2-3 weeks until a desired outcome is achieved.

Treatment Pricing

A consultation and Patch Test is required at least 48 hours before your treatment.