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Laser Permanent Make Up & Brow Removal

Laser Permanent Make Up & Brow Removal

Like all body ink, eyebrow tattoos can be removed with laser technology. Laser treatment can remove Permanent Makeup Brows and Microblading.

My Q switched laser if effective for removing any unwanted permanent make up.

This advanced technology works by allowing the laser to pass through the skin and break up the pigment into tiny particles. The laser fragments the ink particles without causing damage to the skin, then through your body’s natural healing processes the macrophages of the immune system engulf the particles removing the pigment fragments from your body. This allows your ermanent make up to fade with only minimal risks of scarring or skin discolouration.

Laser Permanent Make Up & Brow Removal FAQ's & Advice

Laser sessions are very fast and the majority of my clients say that it’s nowhere near as bad as they thought it was going to be. 

Permanent make up pigment is less resistant than tattoo ink therefore breakdowns easier, It usually takes between 1-6 sessions to ensure success depending on the brow size and colour, with minimum 6-week intervals between sessions.

Your skin will most likely be red and feel like it has mild sunburn. This typically subsides after a few hours. After each treatment you will be given detailed aftercare advice on how to look after the treated area while it heals. 

No, Laser Removal does not scar. The area will only scar if caught, picked, scratch or aggravated in any way.

Treatment Pricing

Book and pay for a course of 6 and Receive your last treatment free