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About SKIIN®


SKIIN is a sanctuary for all skin treatments, non surgical aesthetics and cosmetic treatments.

I’m so passionate about my field of work and loved my job so decided to create SKIIN – a skin health clinic, brand and business based around all things skin, beauty and cosmetic/ aesthetic treatments.

As I suffered from acne from 13- 20 and was left with scaring and low confidence and  always believed skin treatments and skin care was just a fad until I went on my first skin course and couldn’t believe skin could actually be healed and corrected, I became obsessed with  treating Skin!

I’ve now spent years treating clients with various problems or concerns and love how helping people can make such a difference to their confidence and life. I believe self care can build confidence and inner strength and is one key part to happiness.

I have been working in the industry for over 10 years and have obtained multiple qualifications including  anatomy & physiology level 3, level 4 and 5, all treatment training courses, blood borne virus prevention and protection and business studies

Katie Ward – Director